Graduate Research Centre

P1030557This project involved refurbishment of part of the Dainton Building at the University of Sheffield, which had been used as Chemistry teaching and laboratory space, to form a new Graduate Research Centre.

The project comprised the provision of new and modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical services to allow this new facility to function to meet the demands of the University.

The services that SDA designed included a swipe card access entrysystem which was integrated into the room booking and fire alarm systems. A mix of led and modern fluorescent lighting was introduced with occupancy and scene setting controls in order to provide a modern lighting environment.

A Low Temperature Hot Water heating system was introduced following an infra red survey to determine where the existing embedded pipe work was situated. A P1030509heat recovery ventilation system was designed. There is a large variance in occupancy and so air quality and CO2 detection systems were introduced which controlled the ventilation rate thus saving energy. Automatic heating was introduced where the embedded system had failed. Heat emitters were carefully selected to allow rapid response of the heating system depending on occupancy allowing the heating to be set back whenever the spaces were unoccupied.