Morrisons Supermarket – Blyth

Morrison Supermarkets plc approached SDA to carry out enquiries and negotiations with statutory undertakers in order to permit new developments to be undertaken.

A typical example being the new Morrison’s store at Blyth which has recently been granted planning consent and is in the construction process. This project has involved:-

  • The withdrawal of services from approximately ten commercial buildings which are to be demolished.
  • The relocation and protection of telecoms services crossing the site to the adjacent main telephone exchange.
  • The relocation of the high voltage and low voltage mains infrastructure in the area of the works and the enhancement of substations.
  • The adaptation and relocation of Virgin Media Services to the town centre as a whole.
  • The withdrawal and relocation of low pressure and medium pressure gas services in a phased manner in order to permit the remaining adjacent properties to be serviced throughout the works.
  • The repositioning of gas, water, electricity and telecoms services to allow the existing road system to be removed and flood prevention measures to be introduced.

SDA have been heavily involved in the programming and feasibility stage of this project, assisting the Architect and planners to minimise disruption to town centre users and permit the orderly relocation of commercial enterprises.