Stocksbridge Town Hall

The refurbishment and reordering of the existing Town Hall at Stocksbridge, Sheffield.

The works were undertaken on behalf of Stocksbridge Future’s Partnership. The building was redesigned and re-ordered in order to provide modern office facilities for small businesses, as well as providing accommodation for South Yorkshire Police, Stocksbridge Town Council and Stocksbridge Future’s Partnership. The original building was constructed from stone in the mid 1930’s. Consequently, considerable effort was made by SDA and the architect to ensure that the resultant design complemented and enhanced the existing architecture.

The works involved the complete replacement of all engineering services within the building, as well as the construction of a new two-storey glazed entrance and the complete reconstruction of the 1960’s extension.

The heating system within the new Town Hall has been designed to permit individual control of each office area, thereby permitting occupants maximum flexibility in regard to operating hours etc. Extensive use has been made of automatic lighting controls throughout the facility.