University of Sheffield Infrastructure Replacement

North Campus High Voltage and Mains Low Voltage Infrastructure Replacement

Services Design Associates carried out a feasibility study for the University of Sheffield in regard to the replacement and enhancement of the high voltage and mains low voltage distribution systems on their North Campus.

The project was motivated by the need to replace outdated high voltage switchgear and to improve the resilience of the electrical network so as to improve supply reliability and meet the needs of the University’s extensive research facility. SDA applied their digital recorders at strategic points throughout the electricity network in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the profile which in turn enabled the systems to be designed and developed to meet the actual needs of the University.

SDA carried out detailed surveys of both the LV and HV distribution networks preparing schematic drawings showing the whole main and sub-main distribution system. The feasibility study considered how the works might be undertaken whilst the University remained operational. SDA were involved in detailed negotiations with the Regional Electricity Company – Northern Power Networks (YEDL) which resulted in the agreed supply capacity being raised to accommodate future development. SDA also supplied technical assistance to the University’s Legal Department in respect to the modification and application of new easements and wayleaves.

This appointment was then extended by the University to cover the design and administration of the high voltage and primary LV distribution networks. SDA were subsequently appointed by the University to carry out a similar project on their wider City Campus.